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The pros and cons of online shopping

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There is no doubt that shopping online is a convenient, easy and cost-effective way too, because there are many deals, but there are some risks to consider.

Shopping pros at say the benefits of e-shopping are numerous, including the ability to get good deals and deals, and the convenience of shopping without feeling tired and tired and at any time with 24-hour shops throughout the week! One click is enough to turn anything to be at the disposal of the shopper.

Shopping is also less expensive than shopping malls, so there is no need for fuel, parking cards, etc., as well as the time that can be saved, and the possibility of shopping in a large virtual space.

E-shopping offers a seamless experience away from the vendors who lose your shopping pleasure by walking around, as well as comparing products and brands in terms of price, design or even quality before purchasing, giving you a complete shopping experience.


Despite the advantages of online shopping, there are some disadvantages to consider. There is a simple possibility that a hacker's personal information, such as credit card numbers, telephone numbers, addresses and secret codes, may be compromised. There are also many online shopping sites that are counterfeit and for the purpose of fraud, so always check the reputation and credibility of the site we shop on. Dubai - Statement

The emergence of social networking sites is a major revolutionary breakthrough, its ability to influence and move across borders, with no restrictions or censorship, only in relatively limited terms, and its emergence was a great opportunity for communication and different channels for live broadcasting.

These websites have not only brought media content to many sectors and sectors of society, but have stopped the monopoly of the media industry, and have altered the very essence of communication theory.

In view of the large number of companies that have benefited from these sites, many companies in various fields have resorted to using them and exploiting them. I have tried to be there permanently, especially since they have a huge and diverse society.

What are social networking sites?

Some are known as online media applications and platforms, and are designed to facilitate interaction, collaboration and information exchange, and are perceived by others as a group of individuals or groups with cultural, social, geographic or other linkages, The Internet, where individuals can communicate with each other for whatever reason.

Social networking sites facilitate communication between the organization and its audience; that is, it is an effective tool in promoting the services or products offered by this institution or that.


Marketing through social media sites is that companies exploit these sites for marketing purposes by identifying and analyzing conversations, sharing and initiating and using social interactions within communities.

This type of marketing, then, is the use of websites and blogs for marketing, selling, or public relations, among others.

Marketing through social networks is the employment of various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. in the marketing functions of companies, making them the means of communication and interaction between them and the community of customers; to take advantage of their advantages, and to identify the behavior of each customer and strengthen the relationship with him.

Advantages of marketing through social access sites:

There are many advantages of marketing through social networking sites, the most important of which are:

1. Ease of use: It has been developed to be easy to use; it requires a little knowledge of the basics of technology to be published.

2 - Communication and self - expression: made the channels of communication attractive does not depend on the dissemination of certain content, so became the attention of Internet users.

3. Forming a society in new ways: Although societal concepts have existed since the beginning of electronic applications, social networking sites have provided new ways of communicating.

4. Globalism: it eliminates geographical barriers and breaks international boundaries; an individual can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world.

5. Interactive: the individual has a future and a reader, a sender and a writer at the same time; which means that it helps to eliminate the negative and dependency, as well as it gives space for the active participation of viewers and readers.

6 - Savings: very economical in the effort and time and money; they are free subscription and registration simple person can occupy space and has its own space on social networking sites.

Perhaps these reasons, combined or separately, prompted companies and institutions to accelerate the use of diverse social networking sites to advertise themselves and promote their products and services. Which is necessary and indispensable, especially that our era is the age of advertising and communication.

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